League Membership

League Pre-Pay:

  • $320.00 (under age 60)
  • $300.00 (age 60 and over)

Here is a quick breakdown based on playing the normal 20 week league season:

Pay as you go
Bunker Hill's Regular 9 Hole Greens Fee $17.50
Bunker Hill's Regular 9 Hole Cart Fee $7.00
Total $24.50
Pre-Paying League Member Greens Fee $16.00
Pre-Paying League Member Discounted Cart Fee $6.50
Total $22.50

As you can see, if a member plays the full 20 week league season (Mid April – End of August) his/her cost is reduced by $2.00. However, it doesn’t stop there. Pre-Paying members can begin playing on their league night, during their league time from the day they pay their League Pre-Pay Fee through the end of the calendar year (if you play in a Monday League at 5:00pm, you can play 9 holes from your date of payment through 12/31/15, on that Monday at 5:00pm). This gives Pre-Paying members the opportunity to get in some extra rounds before or after their league season starts/ends.

(NOTE: League Pre-Pay Fee’s for any leagues on Monday’s is $288 for Non-Seniors and $270 for Seniors. This is due to the Memorial Day and Labor Day Holidays falling during league season.)

Pre-paying members only pay a reduced Cart Fee if they choose to ride, if a member chooses to walk they will only need to check in with the pro-shop to get their slip for the starter.